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Don’t give up! Don’t let the business of divorce attempt to destroy the person who you are! Save your money! Stay out the court room!

Call us if your are confused, angry, hurt, worried and need closure with your divorce. We will call you back within 24 hours, usually sooner and we can assist you in your journey of divorce and mediation. Especially when you know that you are targeted, and you realize that others want the money that you worked extremely hard for you need to call us. Wether you are in a high conflict divorce, dealing with alimony, spousal support or a gay and lesbian divorce call us.

Our Mediation and Divorce Coaching Corporation focus’ on keeping highly targeted professionals, such as doctors, health care professionals, professional athletes, CEO’s and others who have worked hard for their earned income out of the court room. Let our coaches guide you through the journey and challenges of divorce. Don’t do it by yourself. Save your money!

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Staying out of the court room saves you money!

Don’t act alone. Mediation, divorce coaching or coparenting coaching could be the key to your savings. Also, save and improve your personal health and well-being from being destroyed by the stress of divorce. We will assist you in making your divorce as smooth as possible. Let’s stay focused and keep money in your pocket.

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